Elizabeth Michelle | CLASS CLOWNS PART 4:  Transparency as a motivator.
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CLASS CLOWNS PART 4:  Transparency as a motivator.

Engaging a diverse workforce is a challenge for all business leaders, but engaging teens for the last decade makes adults look easy!

Where do you stand on sharing with your employees? How many of your workforce get CC’d in on important emails they often don’t need to know about?

In Part 4 of my Class Clowns series, I want to share my tools of transparency as a positive motivator within your workplace, and using honesty and sharing as a force for good:

‘But you never told me my phone would be confiscated if I used it during class.’ …Sometimes even the obvious needs to be stated.

‘Miss, why did you call my parents? What are you speaking about behind my back?’… Everyone gets self-conscious.

‘I’m so stressed – you never told us we would have a test next week.’ …Surprises can fluster us all.

And so, rules are printed. Kids come to parent’s evening. Tests are booked in early.

People engage better if they know what they are engaging with – the unknown is unsettling. Engagement at work also links to transparency, like a climate of trust, regular appraisals and clear feedback. Employees have shared with me that they wanted to understand career progression, time expectancy and salary from the outset. Also, that they want transparency in appraisals and to be filled in re what happens in the big meetings – otherwise they feel anxious!


A regular ‘touch-base’ would be a good start, calling a ‘briefing’ on the office floor to give an overview of the latest. Have frameworks for career progression, salaries, training schedules etc. readily available from day 1. Be honest, people (usually) like to know the truth, even if it’s not so chirpy.

DISCLAIMER: ‘May I have your attention please…. X slept with Y at the office party, Y is pregnant, X is getting divorced and we are dismissing them both.’ Exposure isn’t always the best way forward! Sensitivity, confidentiality and privacy is essential for responsible management. Transparency is nice, but not hysteria.

Bottom Line: People appreciate being in the loop, do it as much as you can.



Elizabeth is a consultant who helps enhance staff potential,

performance and retention.

Elizabeth has a Joint-Honours Degree and Masters from the University of Cambridge in Education and Psychology, is a Qualified Teacher and is currently pursuing her Psychology Doctorate.

Elizabeth works in mental health in a range of settings including; schools, prison and counselling centres, exploring effective means of communication and maximising potential. As an educator and former assistant head of sixth form Elizabeth has had extensive experience working with millennials; improving their engagement in the workplace is an area of particular interest.

Elizabeth is available for tailored and personalised consultation and public speaking. She runs engaging and relevant workshops, is experienced in enhancing millennial engagement, as well as running cultural diagnostics of companies.


You can reach Elizabeth at elizabeth@elizabethmichelle.co.uk.


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