Elizabeth Michelle | CLASS CLOWNS PART 5: What’s the point?
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CLASS CLOWNS PART 5: What’s the point?

Engaging a diverse workforce is a challenge for all business leaders, but engaging teens for the last decade makes adults look easy!

How strong are your workplace values? Do your employees sit, head in hands, sighing ‘what’s the point’ into their coffee cups when you’re not looking?

In Part 5 of my Class Clowns series, I want to share my tools of motivation and meaning to everyday tasks, to help your workforce find their purpose in the workplace:

Kids are most engaged in A-Level lessons. With exams at the end getting them into uni, there is a concrete purpose behind their work, driving commitment and dedication. Employee engagement also links with a sense of purpose; Ben Shahar (lecturer of the most popular 2006 class at Harvard!) explains that it’s not good enough to hit deals and make money, we need to actually find meaning in what we do to be happier and more engaged.


Have clear workplace values. Promote them, publicise them and ensure all employees are aware of them. Find ways to bring them to life at work, in a way that is authentic and relatable to everyone. For example, if you promote charitable work, run fundraisers. If you promote healthy living, offer fresh fruit each day – maybe even gym promotions?

DISCLAIMER: No one likes a hypocrite. Don’t promote family values and then refuse holiday sign-off for a family wedding.

Bottom Line: Make sure your work provides authentic meaning for all employees.


Elizabeth is a consultant who helps enhance staff potential,

performance and retention.

Elizabeth has a Joint-Honours Degree and Masters from the University of Cambridge in Education and Psychology, is a Qualified Teacher and is currently pursuing her Psychology Doctorate.

Elizabeth works in mental health in a range of settings including; schools, prison and counselling centres, exploring effective means of communication and maximising potential. As an educator and former assistant head of sixth form Elizabeth has had extensive experience working with millennials; improving their engagement in the workplace is an area of particular interest.

Elizabeth is available for tailored and personalised consultation and public speaking. She runs engaging and relevant workshops, is experienced in enhancing millennial engagement, as well as running cultural diagnostics of companies.

You can reach Elizabeth at elizabeth@elizabethmichelle.co.uk.


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