Elizabeth Michelle | Understanding Generational Differences
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Understanding Generational Differences

The facts:

Millennials are now the largest generation in the workplace.

The average age of retirement in the UK is approximately 65.

Why do these facts matter?

Because it means that your business is likely to be diverse; encompassing generational, racial, sexual and gender differences.


Employee diversity has been empirically proven to strengthen organisations if managed correctly. With the right strategy and engagement tools, your organisation can embrace the differences and increase productivity, innovation and quality. And it’ll impact your bottom line, too; the McKinsey report in 2015 on 366 public companies showed that those with higher levels of diversity in management had significantly higher financial returnthan their industry mean.


How we can help

Our holistic approach draws from the disciplines of psychology, education, philosophy and acclaimed research. It moves beyond the theory into the practical tools that take your team to deeper levels of engagement and productivity.


Our workshop topics cover a wide variety of themes, and are offered in-house for your convenience.


Examples of these include:

  • Understanding millennials
  • Building resilience against failure
  • Creating the right workplace culture
  • Maximising communication
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One-to-one consultancy

We offer ongoing and flexible consultancy arrangements tailored to suit your company’s needs.


Cultural diagnostic reporting – including employee interviews and in-depth analysis – enables us to present our findings alongside suggested workshops and training, helping you to plug the specific gaps your organization has.

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Our bespoke service

We offer a range of workshops and fully-bespoke consultancy, in addition to company culture diagnostic sessions.
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