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Elizabeth Michelle offers employee engagement consulting that is designed to engage, retain and optimise your workforces potential. Elizabeth has experience as an employee retention consultant offering bespoke services to meet your businesses requirements.
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Welcome to Elizabeth Michelle Consultancy

Engage your workforce, retain your staff and optimise your team’s potential.


Elizabeth Michelle is a speaker and workplace engagement consultant; specialising in psychological tools of engagement and performance. Elizabeth is an expert in the field of intergenerational working, Millennial and Generation Z culture.

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We offer ongoing and flexible consultancy arrangements tailored to suit your company’s needs. Cultural diagnostic reporting – including employee interviews and in-depth analysis – enables us to present our findings alongside suggested workshops and training, helping you to plug the specific gaps your organisation has.

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Generational Differences

We know that your business is likely to be diverse; encompassing generational, racial, sexual and gender differences. Employee diversity has been empirically proven to strengthen organisations if managed correctly. We can help you find the right strategy and engagement tools, so you can embrace the differences and increase productivity, innovation and quality.

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Workshops &
Public Speaking

We design bespoke workshops – all of which is tailored to your company’s needs; whether yours is a small start-up or a FTSE 500 corporation. We offer a wide range of topics including intergenerational working, mental health awareness, resilience in the workplace, maximising communication, and boosting results through diversity, to name but a few.

Discover how Elizabeth Michelle Consultancy can help your team to flourish.